About Us

Since its establishment in 2004, MuDanJiang Plasma Physical Application Technology Co., Ltd. has contributed to the sterilization revolution through products carrying out innovation green technologies, convenience and customer values.  


MuDanJiang Plasma Physical Application Technology Co., Ltd., Located at MuDanJiang HeiLongJiang province, China with more than 66,000manufacture areas.   We have devoted himself to developing Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer since 2004.  We have full lined facilities and technical know-how for Plasma sterilizer and our ergonomic designs and advanced technologies will be superior improvements for CASP products.


Using by continuous development, CASP has earned a strong reputation for Plasma Sterilizer and become a global company, exporting products to over 50 countries since the first export to Korea in 2008.


In 2009, we established Export Representative office at Seoul, Korea and sole distributor in India.  Market share in China reached over 50%.


In 2010, we registered at Indonesia and got Hygiene License for 3 models from Chinese MOH.  Besides, we got CE & ISO 13485 and installed over 500 sets in China totally.


In 2011, we registered at Russia, Korea & Turkey and established sole distributor in Vietnam, Philippines & Colombia.   


In 2012, we established sole distributor in Egypt, Yemen ,Bangladesh & UAE/Iran.  Also, we got ISO 14937 and applied FDA.


In 2013, we established sole distributor in Lithuania and Bulgaria.  We exported 100 sets from2009.


In 2014, we got ISO 14001 and exported to Ethiopia and Mongolia.  Meanwhile, we developed Class 5 Chemical Indicator & BI PCD.


In 2015, we got ISO 13485 for BI PCD, OHSAS 18001, ISO 11138 & ISO 11140 for BI PCD, ISO 11140 for Chemical Indicator & ISO 13485 for Chemical Indicator.


In 2016, we got ISO 11607 & EN 868 for Container.  Meanwhile, we established sole distributor in TaiWan.


In 2017, we established sole distributor in Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand,Albania, Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia(Total 42 countries).  We held engineers training for worldwide distributors for keeping good After-sales service system.

By implementing the reasonable After-sales service system with real name basis, we have tried our best to provide the well structured, perfect After-sales service for the satisfaction & pleasure of our customers. 


We proudly say that CASP will be by your side until all the diseases affecting the mankind are conquered.

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